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Today I will be talking about the latest infinix phones and their prices and were to buy them.

Infinix phones offer fantastic specs (specifications) at a meager price. After the launch of the Infinix Zero in 2014, Infinix brand upgraded drastically with sturdy and stylish designs. The infinix mobile phones are said to have an excellent battery life is very durable for usage. As I write now infinix has produced a lot of phone with powerful specs like the: Infinix Hot S3X,  Infinix Smart 2 Pro, Infinix Smart 2, Infinix Note 5 Pro/Stylus, Infinix Note 5, Infinix Hot 6 Pro, Infinix Hot 6, Infinix Hot S3, Infinix Zero 5 Pro, Infinix Zero 5. And so on,  there are a lot of the infinix phones, but the ones listed above are the most recent ones.

Where to Buy Infinix Phones

All the infinix phones found in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya are running on the Android OS (operating system), the infinix phones are located in must phone stores in the countries listed above, you can also buy them from online stores like Jumia and Konga.

Infinix Zero 5 and Infinix Zero 5 Pro are the currently the best smartphone in infinix. Meanwhile, Infinix Hot 5 is targeted at entry-level consumers and aimed at introducing first-time buyers to Infinix Phones. The Infinix Note 5 pro is the biggest smartphone from Infinix and offers an exceptional experience.

Infinix Zero 5 Pro – From 125,000 Naira To 150,000 Naira ($360.99)

Infinix Zero 5 – From 102,000 Naira To 150,000 Naira ($310.99)

Infinix Note 5 pro –From 72,500 Naira To 80,000 Naira ($212.99)

Infinix Hot S3 – From 58,000 Naira To 65,000 Naira ($172.99)

Infinix Note 4 – From 51,990 Naira To 70,000 Naira ($188.99)

Infinix Hot 6 – From 38,500 Naira To 45,000 Naira ($119.99)

Infinix Hot 5 Lite – From 31,500 Naira To 40,000 Naira ($96.99)

Infinix phones attraction their customers because of their value for money. The infinix phones are very affordable and comes with lots of great features for the amount it is sold.

Below are the Best Infinix Phones that are currently available in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya.