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How To Unlock Your MiFi (Smile, Ntel, Spectranet, Swift Etc.)

4g wi fi modem - How To Unlock Your MiFi (Smile, Ntel, Spectranet, Swift Etc.)

Have been looking for how to optimize the usage of your LTE MiFi by running multiple networks successfully? Or maybe you have tried so many engineers to help you unlock your Modem, but they always try to rip off huge cash from you. Worry no more for has already provided you with sure procedures, on how to achieve your goal all by yourself. Even though you don’t have anyone now, you can still glance through. No knowledge is a waste.

Please carefully follow the instructions below to unlock your modem. Note our stipulations work perfectly with Huawei LTE Modems:

Step 1:

Turn off the LTE Modem

Step 2:

Write down the IMEI Number of the Modem

Step 3:

Download a DC unlocked Huawei Modem code calculator for free, then generate the first code for free (You must be connected to the internet to generate the code). Note you may get more than one code, just pick one. Please make sure your IMEI Number is rightly inputted.

Step 4:

Insert a different SIM Card (an Invalid SIM), then Turn on the modem.

Step 5:

Connect your PC or Mobile Phone to your MiFi using the wireless (WiFi) connectivity. Then if it requests for login details, use “admin” as your username and password.

Step 6:

Type in the default Interface of the Modem which is ( into your browser. At this point it will indicate it as an invalid or locked SIM, then asks you to Enter the Unlock code you have already generated.

Step 7:

Hence, this is where step 3 becomes relevant. Enter the unlocking code generated with your IMEI from the Huawei Code Calculator.

Step 8:


Step 9:

Finally, you can now enjoy your unlocked Huawei LTE.

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